Adding this to your Tinder bio means you will get more matches 4 years ago

Adding this to your Tinder bio means you will get more matches

Is this on your Tinder bio?

For those of you singletons who’ve long given up on the idea of dating apps, maybe it’s worth reactivating that account to test out this theory.


As a new year rolls around, active users on apps like Tinder is on the increase as people’s desire to find a partner becomes more of a priority for many.

However, did you know by adding a few key pieces of information, you could seriously increase your chances of finding a match.

New research has found that adding this one thing to you bio could result in a huge increase in matches.


According to GolfSupport, revealing that you play sport in your Tinder bio is a huge turn on for many potential suitors.

The study found that both men and women who had sport listed as a hobby were much more likely to get a right-swipe than those who didn’t.

According to the research, women who listed dancing, weightlifting and gymnastics as hobbies were the most popular among the sports enthusiasts.


And for men, it was those who mentioned rugby, weightlifting, golf and swimming.

“Women like athletes because women want to be involved with healthy men,” the study says.

“Athletes also show motivation, strength, determination and teamwork.”