If you have a tattoo this weird side effect will stay with you forever 4 years ago

If you have a tattoo this weird side effect will stay with you forever

It's a strange one.

Some people take forever to get that tattoo they always wanted. They plan for months and months, going through the different versions of what they want to get.


Then, there is the other set of tattooers who just rock up to get inked in a spur of the moment sort of scenario and don't question their choice.

However, a study has documented how changes in sweating functions can be associated with tattooing and this can pose serious health risks for those who are heavily tattooed.


The tattooing process involves permanently depositing ink under the skin at a similar depth as the sweat glands, Alma College’s Maurie Luetkemeier and two students posed the question: Does possessing a tattoo interfere with the basic functions of the sweat gland?

They conducted a study involving ten students who had tattoos on one side of their upper body but not the other and a group of ten non-tattooed people.

They chemically stimulated both sets of skins, inked and non-inked, and found that the tattooed skin produced about half as much sweat as the non-tattooed skin and the tattooed skin was significantly saltier.

Luetkemier was worried about the findings and said that: “future research may address the ultimate question whether or not heavily tattooed individuals are at risk of heat-related injuries.”


Why is he worried? Well, sweating helps your body maintain a proper temperature and keeps you from overheating and if this is tampered with, it could signal serious risks for your health