12 things you will only know if you've been a waitress 1 year ago

12 things you will only know if you've been a waitress

It's not a job for the faint-hearted.

At some point in our lives, we have all dabbled in the waitressing industry. Whether it was on a J1 in America, a weekend job while in college or if you're a  full-time waitress working tirelessly in industry.

It's a tough job and we all deserve a pat on the back for doing it.

Here are a few things you might have noticed during your time in the sector.

1.  The shifts are looonngggg

Waitressing usually means working long unsociable hours. You gave up on weekends a long time ago and you can't remember the last time you didn't function in shifts. When you hear friends complaining about their 9-5 jobs you want to slap them across the face.

2. There is a special place in hell for people who click their fingers at you

Nope! I'm just going to subtlety pretend you don't exist until you treat me like the human being that I am.


3. Sometimes you're so hungry...

You actually consider eating scraps off the plate you're carrying back to the kitchen. You always snap out of  it just before you take a chip, but you can't deny you have thought about it.

4. The worst feeling ever is seeing someone sitting without their food

And realising the reason why they are waiting is because you forgot to put their order through *gulp*!

5. Tips are God's gift


Tips are one of the few benefits to working the hard waitress life. In between pay days tips always keep you ticking over and it's nice to leave work with a bit of money in your pocket.

6. Christmas, New Years, Easter and pretty much every other holiday doesn't exist

Or they simply become another working day. Being a waitress means you will usually have to work during the busiest times of the year while everyone else gets to relax.

7. You have wrists of steel

Because you're used to carrying four dinner plates, lots of cutlery, and a few glasses back to the kitchen every time you clear a table. You're practically a weight lifter!

8. Sweat central


Being a waitress is probably one of the sweatiest jobs you will ever have. All that time running around after customers and being in and out of a hot kitchen definitely takes its toll.

9. Americans are sacred

Cha-ching! You practically run to meet Americans when you hear them come in the door because you know that they will usually tip a very respectable 20% and sometimes even more.

10. Chefs are always grumpy

All chefs seem to be eternally grumpy, but if you win them over they are likely to throw you the odd freebie dinner.

11. ''SMILE''

While you're concentrating on putting an order through or cleaning a table one crappy customer will usually tell you to smile. Like you haven't got enough things to be worrying about.

12. The people on your shift are very important

Nothing beats turning up for a shift and realising all your favourite people are working.

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