The 13 Most Embarrassing Underwear Mishaps 6 years ago

The 13 Most Embarrassing Underwear Mishaps

Happy Underwear Day! Yes it is an actual thing (according to the World Wide Web) and it got us thinking about the most embarrassing things that can happen involving such garments...


The I-wasn't-planning-on-having-sex moment

Be it Spanx or the pair of knickers that you wear on those lazy days, there's nothing worse than impressing a new man with your most unattractive underwear.

Dress. Caught. Flashing. Everyone.

It happens to everyone AT LEAST once.

The bra snap

We do appreciate his efforts but it would be so much easier (and less painful) if he just let you take it off.


Holes... literally

You really should throw them out but you couldn't be bothered buying more. Please see point number one.

There's a nipple on the loose

While underwear is intended to cover up these bits, that doesn't always happen, especially when a few drinks and a low-cut top is involved.


The underwire stab

We're happy for the extra support and everything but this is a special kind of boob torture.

We are not contortionists


Some items can be tricky to get on but even trickier to get off. Hello floor!

Four-boob syndrome

It's that time of the month so you've a little bit more to work with. The only problem is, you have no bras to accommodate them.


Drying time

You've just hung your delicates on the clothes horse and your brother and his mates decide to pop around for a cuppa.

Hello camel toe!

Once you know it's there, you can't stop looking at it.

The actual purchasing of the underwear

The only thing worse than having to purchase some sexy undies in public is when the cashier is super hot or you bump into your mam's friend with your Ann Summers carrier bag.

Thong wrong

Wedgies aren't just for men you know?!


It's the devil of the underwear world.