Life | 4 years ago
The 5 Signs and Remedies for a Life Break
Feeling down? Here are a few ways to give yourself a break.

You have the craving for a life-break.

Work, friends, projects, housework, family...and put it all on repeat again. It is easy to get caught up in the tiresome cycle of modern life. Health and well-being website MindBodyGreen have compiled five signs it's time for a break, and five ways to fix it and get you back on track.

The Signs That It's Time For A Break:

1. You Dread The Alarm Clock

Whether it's a monotonous ringing or Rihanna's latest tune, when you hear it your body fills with dread. A new day should be an exciting idea to wake up to, we all have our off-mornings but if this feeling of dread is a daily occurence, something needs to be fixed.

2. Your Fuse Is Short

It could be the smallest thing but it could set you off. Time of the month can work as an excuse sometimes but a full-time snappy nature is not acceptable.

3. You Are Losing Interest In Your Diet

A few summer evenings of barbeques and bottles of white wine, a few nights out with the girls, all for good reason. But when it turns into 'treating' your body with a couple of bags of crisps “just because it's a Wednesday night” and you stop caring about your health, that's when it needs to change.


4. You Avoid What You Know You Like

You start making excuses for not going to visit friends or meeting the work crew on a Friday evening, just because it's easier to go home and sit on the couch.

5. You Simply Do Not Care

You start to spend more time online at work wandering aimlessly through websites, avoiding social gatherings and meetings, all in the name of 'rest' and silence. This isn't the person you used to be.

The Ways To Give Yourself A Break:

1. Get offline

Turn the internet off two hours before bed. Let your eyes amd mind rest. Try and read a book before you sleep or chat to a friend on the phone.

2. Take an adventure


Go somewhere local you haven't been before, try a museum, an art gallery, going for a walk in the park, bringing your book down to a cafe. Spice up your daily life with new ideas and adventures.

3. Plan an escape (just a short one...)

Escape the hustle and bustle of modern life for a weekend away with your partner, a friend or, yes, even on your own. Something to look forward to will make it that bit easier to get up in the mornings.

4. Laugh

There is no better remedy.

5. Do something crazy

Make yourself feel young and foolish again, not always a bad thing to be. Go to an exercise class you've never tried before, plan a weekend with the girls, plan a dinner party at your house, go out to eat for dinner some night. Try something simple but new and different and it will rejuvenate you back to the person you were.