The amount of people who believe Ross and Rachel were on a break is pretty surprising 2 years ago

The amount of people who believe Ross and Rachel were on a break is pretty surprising

It is one of the biggest debates in the TV world.

But whether Friends' Ross Gellar and Rachel Green were on a break has been settled once and for all (and Rachel won't be too happy about it).


Back in season three, the couple split - with their break up sparking the were-they-or-weren't-they on a break debate that spanned...well, the remaining seven seasons.

Rachel called for a break after the couple had been arguing a lot, only for Ross to go hook up with someone else a few hours later.

Rachel said they were definitely, without question, not broken up. So the fact that Ross had slept with 'hot copy girl' Chloe was definitely cheating.


Ross, for his part, maintained that being 'on a break' meant him hooking with Chloe wasn't actually cheating.

Basically, this debate ensured that - besides a one-night-stand that resulted in Rachel getting pregnant - the couple wouldn't get back together again until the end of the series.

To celebrate the iconic series turning 25 next month, Plenty of Fish [via PEOPLE] decided they were going to put an end to the debate once and for all.


The dating app surveyed 1,865 people only to find that the majority of people (60 per cent) believed Ross was right, they weren't on a break.

44 per cent of women sided with Rachel, believing that Ross cheated on her, versus 36 per cent of men who said the same.

And even figuring out what 'on a break' meant proved to be pretty divisive.

38 per cent of the singletons surveyed said that it meant opening up the relationship while trying to figure things out; 33 per cent said that the couple is still together and monogamous.


29 per cent of the respondents, meanwhile, said 'on a break' meant that the couple split for good and they can now hook up with other people.