The Big Bad World Of Online Dating: Expectation Vs Reality 3 years ago

The Big Bad World Of Online Dating: Expectation Vs Reality

Meeting someone IRL after striking up a conversation online is a nerve-wrecking experience no matter how you go about it.

There can’t be many scenarios in life more awkward than a first date with someone you’ve only ever spoken to online. Cringe levels are high, and on the day of the big event, the mind goes into serious overdrive.

Here's our take on expectations versus reality when it comes to cyber dating. Get in touch to let us know yours!

Expectation: He'll be as tall as he looks in his photos.

Reality: He's not. They never are.


Expectation: He'll have as much hair as he does in his photos.

Reality: He doesn't. They never do.


Expectation: You won't know any of the same people. Sure, he's from the opposite end of the country.

Reality: You have 17 mutual Facebook friends.


Expectation: Not to receive or be offered d*** pics.

Reality: You are the recipient of/offered these on a regular basis.

Khloe Kardashian horrified

Expectation: Sparkling conversation, flanter and general all-round great chats.

Reality: Small talk city. Population two. "How was your day?" "Yeah, grand. Yours?"


Expectation: The kiss at the end of your first date...

the notebook kiss

Reality: The kiss at the end of your first date...

awkward kiss spiderman

That's our refreshing truth about online dating.

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Sprite, the truth is refreshing.

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