The Big Question - How to Find a Mortgage You Can Live With 5 years ago

The Big Question - How to Find a Mortgage You Can Live With

So it's finally time to have that talk with the bank manager... you're ready to buy a house! 

You face might look like this...



And then like this....


Whether you are moving home, a first time buyer, or remortgaging, trying to calculate the costs can feel like it's a potential minefield.

Realistically, this is the biggest outlay you'll ever make in your life, so it's only logical that you should spend A LOT of time thinking through your options.

A big part of that is figuring out the costs.



If you're finding it all a bit confusing, using mortgage calculator tools you can find online is a great way to start the process.

In less than a minute, you can input your data and computer magic  will give you a good idea of how much you're eligible to borrow, and what your monthly repayments could be.

It's not an official mortgage offer, but using mortgage calculators helps you start doing the sums.


So, what do they need to know? Well, take the Ulster Bank 'How much can I borrow' calculator. All you need to do is enter the details of the your gross annual salary, your net monthly income, any other additional income, your current outstanding credit card amounts, any other monthly debts or outstanding commitments.


That figure will lead you to an indicator of how much you would be approved for. Then, you can check out the Ulster Bank 'Mortgage Calculator' to find out what that monthly outgoing would be for various sizes of mortgages and over different time periods, for example. Happy with what you see? The next step is to request a call back and arrange a meeting with your advisor. Then there's the small matter of finding your dream home...


A Mortgage Calculator is a big help when figuring out how much you want and can afford to borrow. Ulster Bank understands that you want a mortgage you can live with. So in order to give you a mortgage that suits you, they’ve developed a range of mortgages. Take a look at their mortgage options or have the team call you to arrange an appointment.

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