Life | 4 years ago
The Cocktail Cupcakes: 'Caketails' Trend Coming To Ovens Near You
Get set for the baking and cocktail-lovers' new edible friend, the 'caketail'...

Cupcakes and cocktails?

Two of life's luxuries.

Now cupcake mania has been brought to a whole new level as trendy bakeries add your favourite alcoholic tipple to the sweet treats.

The food trend has taken the UK by storm and is set to arrive in Irish ovens anyday. A number of baking businesses across London are now embracing it, flavouring their creations with 18-certificate drinks including champagne, gin, rum and amaretto.

See above a photograph of some delicious looking 'caketails' by Molly Bakes bakery in London.

Some recipes at 'CakeTails By Posey' in London include La Vie En Rose (a blend of rose and pink champagne), the Chocolate Guinness, the Whiskey Sour (the most popular edible cocktail) and the Hawaiian Tipple (includes Blue Curacao in the recipe).

Some 'Molten Chocolate Cherry Shots' at the Caketails Cupcake Company.

An east-London shop are calling their alcoholic creations 'cuptails' and have alcohol in both the cake and the buttercream icing.


We're doubting these baking creations could have us tipsy and giggly after a few as the alcohol should burn off in the oven... could they be safe enough to bring to the children's parties to flavour up the adult's evening a bit? They could make watching the kids playing soccer in the garden a tiny bit more exciting.

More sweet 'caketail' treats from the Caketail Cupcake Company.

Providing they are strictly consumed by over-18s of course... The colourful designs and pretty accessories could have all the children vying for a bite.

One thing's for sure anyway, they may be sweetened with a drink or two, but they definitely won't beat the alcohol content in my Granny's famous Christmas cake...