8 handy travel apps that will make your holidays a breeze 5 years ago

8 handy travel apps that will make your holidays a breeze

 Travelling can be stressful.

Whether you're a seasoned traveller or are new to exploring the world, there's plenty to organise and get your head around when you're off on an adventure.


We've rounded up our favourite travel apps to help make your trip a little easier.



If you're a lover of making lists, then Trello is for you. It has ‘to do’ sections, it lets you check off what you have done already and even lets you add your friends to get group tasks done together. Perfect for planning what you need to bring on holiday with you.



If you’re hoping to do a trip on a budget, you'll love Tripr. This handy app brings tourists together to help cut the price of their trip. It links people who will be in the same place at the same time so you can go halves on different costs.

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XE Currency Converter


It can be hard when you are put on the spot to figure out the currency conversion, especially when you are about to drop some money on a treat for yourself while abroad. Well, have no fear, as the XE Currecny Converter app is the one thing you need.


We Irish love to know all about the weather, so this app is perfect for the wanderers amongst us. It gives you everything – and is super handy when deciding what to pack. And if you're sussing out the local area too, try out FourSquare and Field Trip which tell you fun and interesting things to do in the area - hail, rain or shine.




Most of us hate packing, but this makes things a little easier. The PackPoint app helps you to figure out exactly what you need based on the weather, length of stay and planned activities.


Helps to sort out all those confirmation emails – for flights, hotels and car hire – into one handy itinerary. Sorted. Experiencing delays? Have a complaint? Or simply just frustrated? The AirHelp app is another good one.

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Not as organized as you wanted to be? Or maybe you like living on the edge a bit? The HotelTonight app lets you do just that – find a hotel that night. Roomer is also a handy app to have for accommodation.


One of the best foodie apps going, VizEat is one of our favourite apps and sees travellers connected with local hosts for a meal at their home. Kind of like Airbnb… but for food.