The internet is loving a new device that helps men shave their backs 5 years ago

The internet is loving a new device that helps men shave their backs

Bye bye back hair.

Some like it, some loathe it but whatever your opinion, what is certain is that back hair can be difficult to get rid of. Trying to reach every crevice of the back with a razor must be the male equivalent of trying to self-tan with a mitt.


Well, the heartbreak is about to end for men who wish to remove their furry covering.

A new Kickstarter has been established to fund the baKblade 2.0 has already massively exceeded its $50,000 target and gone on to raise $227,081.

The baKblade 2.0 is basically a giant razor for men, that boasts an ergonomic design helping men to shave their own backs and those hard to reach places.

Founders describe the product as having unique patented blade cartridges that leave a smooth shave and are designed to minimize the risk of cutting. Apparently, they feel just like a backscratcher.

They promise that the BaKblade will rid men of unwanted hair, leaving no stubble and that the process is quick, easy and pain-free.

Over 4,899 funders have backed the product and are set to receive their razor before Christmas.

The company’s founder Matthew Dryfhout now hopes to build on the success of the product by producing additional add-ons that complement the original shaver and to scale these internationally. Going by its initial success, it seems like it will only be a matter of time before the BaKblade is available to a hairy fellow near you.