The millennial wedding trend that's becoming more and more popular 4 years ago

The millennial wedding trend that's becoming more and more popular

This is SO 2017.

Traditionally, the only way to plan a wedding was to do everything in person but thanks to the internet, things have changed considerably.


Apparently, many couples are now planning their weddings online, and it's unsurprising really considering how busy everyone is.

Unfortunately, work life balances aren't always equal and after a tough stint at the office, the thoughts of travelling the length and breadth of the country, or to another country in many cases, just isn't an option.

Although some people plan aspects of the wedding celebrations online, others take it a step further and plan the entire thing via the internet, often without even going to see the venue first.

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Li Zhou, of wedding website Lady Marry, spoke to about the developing trend:

"Couples have gone fully mobile with their wedding plans.

Millennials are all about instant gratification, so they want their wedding planning right at their fingertips at any given moment. There's going to be a continued increasing in seeing the whole planning process online".

Some couples want to tick things off as they go, seeing things slot into place but others are happy to take the stress from the process, allowing someone else to do the planning.


There is the chance that this could end causing more headaches if things don't happen how they're supposed to but look, positive thinking and all that.

What do you think, is this something you could see yourself doing for your wedding?