The Most Popular Baby Name In The World Has Been Revealed 3 years ago

The Most Popular Baby Name In The World Has Been Revealed

If you have a little Sofia or Sophia in your midst, she happens to have the most popular baby name in the world, according to naming experts.

A study, which looked at the most popular name across the globe, found Sophia topped the poll in nine countries – including Mexico, Italy and Russia – while appearing in the top three names in the US and at least 20 more nations worldwide.

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Speaking to Live Science, naming expert Laura Wattenberg explained:

"It just blew me away that so many different languages and cultures would arrive at the same sound at the same time.

"I guess that really says something about the way culture is transmitted today."

Wattenberg believes the name’s meaning ‘wisdom’, as well as the ease to pronounce it in so many languages, has helped the girl’s name secure the top spot.


The report also revealed that traditional and Biblical names seem to have taken a backseat – with names like Mary and John being abandoned for “unique or stylish” names.

The news comes as The Baby Centre, which is based in the United Kingdom, released a list of the boys' and girls' names which they think will be fall into favour with parents in 2016.

While some parents-to-be might recognise some Game of Thrones additions, feel free to take some added inspiration by the lists here.