These Are The Most Popular Mothers' Day Presents In Ireland This Year 5 years ago

These Are The Most Popular Mothers' Day Presents In Ireland This Year

It seems chocolates and flowers just won't cut it anymore...

That's according to data collected by online discount shopping destination, which shows that Irish mammies are receiving some pretty unconventional gifts this year.


Topping the most popular Mother's Day presents list are discounted gym subscriptions, sports gear and even dating site memberships.

The site which has over 10,000 subscribers has noticed a notable spike in dating site membership purchases for single or separated mums ahead of Mother's Day this Sunday.

This, along with the notable shift in focus to health and fitness, suggests a new "get fit and get out there" wave in Ireland.

According to Shem Douglas of Promocodes: 

“Every year we give our mums flowers and chocolates for Mother’s Day but half the time the flowers are left wilting and the chocolates remain unopened.  They’re expensive gifts to give too, particular as they last for so little time. You can easily send at least €30 on a nice bouquet and €20 on a box of chocolates.

“This year we wanted to offer discount codes for gifts that will really enhance our mums’ lives – like a mummy makeover. Most of us wouldn’t be the person we are today without our mums so it’s time we gave something back to help her.

“Of course these presents are meant to be light-hearted and not intended to insult.  Many of the discount codes on our site are gifts that keep on giving and will save your mum money.


“A lot of these gifts are also things that might require extra confidence and support from your family. For example, a single mum might feel shy to join a dating website but with a little encouragement, it could be the best gift you ever give her."

Go on the mammies.