If you do this now, it could increase your fertility in later life 1 year ago

If you do this now, it could increase your fertility in later life

We don't know about you but the phrase 'your biological clock is ticking' can get very annoying.

Recent stats show that the average age for getting pregnant in Ireland is 30 and so fertility is a major talking point.

Although you may not be ready for babies at this point, chances are you know you would like children at a later stage.

With this in mind, any tips that can help increase fertility, especially if they're activities that can be easily incorporated into your daily life, may be of interest.

Although we're aware that physical exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle, we weren't aware that it could have such an impact on fertility.

According to a study conducted by Janet Rich-Edwards, director of developmental epidemiology at the Connor’s Center for Women’s Health and Gender Biology in Boston, women who conducted regular exercise in the years before getting pregnant were less likely to experience ovulatory infertility.

The study found that for every hour of activity per week, there was a seven percent reduction in the risk of infertility, with the research of considerable interest because it related to women's routines before even trying to conceive.

Maintaining a healthy weight is important as those who are underweight or overweight are less likely to have a regular ovulation cycle.

Of course, exercise is always going to have major health benefits irrespective of fertility, including strengthing bones and muscles, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, controlling weight while also acting as a natural mood booster.

The fact it may increase your fertility may be of interest to anyone hoping to become pregnant at a later stage and regardless of this, exercise is something that should always be factored in.