The top five spookiest date night ideas according to Bumble 10 months ago

The top five spookiest date night ideas according to Bumble

We're in.

When going out on a date, you want your heart to be racing, but in a good way.


So why not get it racing a little bit more by going on a more spooky themed night out with your significant other?

Dating app Bumble has come up with come of the best Halloween themed dates this year that will really have you running into each other's arms, and some that will just look great on Instagram.

Fright Night


There's no better way to learn more about someone than how they react when some of the spookiest things on earth are chasing them.

With so many of these around the country, you'll have no problem finding one, with farms transforming into mazes, ghost towns and more, to tractor rides that will test your nerves and show you how much of a scaredy cat your date can be when faced with a clown, there is something for every date.

Pumpkin Patch


If getting completely spooked, especially if it's a first date, isn't your thing, why not try visiting a pumpkin patch?

With the American tradition making its way over to Ireland, we've got them popping up all over the place and they're a great way to really talk and have some quiet time.

Get locked up


Clearly one a bit more realistic in its scare factor, the Crumlin Road Gaol Halloween Jail of Horror in Co. Antrim will make an unforgettable date for you and your partner.

Described as one of Belfast's most fearsome scare attractions, visit this Victorian Jail for a truly unique date night.

Caramel apples


For another more wholesome date, why not opt for a cosy night in but keep the Halloween activities alive by making some caramel apples.

Getting to have a laugh while also just enjoying each other's company, you might even get to watch a few films while eating the tasty treat.

Go back to our roots


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As us Irish people know and love, Halloween is as Irish as holidays come. Celebrating its Irish origins, The Puca Festival in county Louth and Meath is the best place to do this.

The Puca Festival is the ideal spot for a Halloween themed date without the scare - promising music, food and a lot of fun.