The way you put your bra on can tell a LOT about your personality 3 years ago

The way you put your bra on can tell a LOT about your personality

This is very interesting!

So it turns out the way that you put on your bra could actually be an indicator of the type of personality that you have - at least that’s according to Patti Wood, a human behaviour and body language expert.


White bra on clothesline.

According to Wood, there are four different types of personality and the way that you put on your bra every day actually shows signs of these.

“There are four distinct personality types – drivers, influencers, supporters and careful correctors – who tend to have very unique ways of doing things, even small tasks,” she says, according to Redbook.

So what does it all mean when it comes to popping your bra on in the morning?


Well, if your bra closes at the back and you put it on and close it at the back, then according to Patti, you are a 'supporter'.

This means that you like to stick with traditions and what you know, while you also like to be around people and generally get along well with them.

Meanwhile, if you put your bra on back to front to close it - in other words closing it at the front before turning it around to the back - you are an 'influencer' according to Patti.



This means that you’re a woman who likes to be appreciated and also likes to be "supported and look the part” and you’re certainly not afraid of making a statement or adjusting to new situations.

Meanwhile, if you prefer bras that close at the front, Patti sees you as a ‘driver’. You look at life as one big opportunity where not one second can be wasted – you’re efficient and make smart decisions.

woman buttoning her black bra

Finally, if you close your bra once and then slide it over your head already closed, Patti sees you as a careful corrector.


This means you do things and you do them right and you don’t need any unnecessary frills or embellishments.

Did she get it right? Let us know what you think!