The Website That Pays You To Get Married (But There's A Catch) 6 years ago

The Website That Pays You To Get Married (But There's A Catch)

A new website is offering couples $10,000 to get married but there's a pretty major drawback.

SwanLuv, a start-up company based in Seattle, will reportedly give couples getting wed this generous sum of money but if they split up, they have to pay it back. With interest.


Scott Avy, CEO of the company, says that the offer is open to all couples but that the interest rate goes up when the company's algorithm software indicates a relationship is strong.

Chatting to Geek Wire, he said: "It really depends on where you are in your relationship..."It’s going to be a no-brainer for the ones it makes sense for" .

swan luv

Avy hasn't yet released any information on how the 'algorithm software' operates but he describes the concept as a "casino for marriage".


The Daily Mail reports that SwanLuv will launch in February and one of the stipulations is that couples should be planning to get married within two years of applying to SwanLuv.

The website want "'couples who have found their soul mate and need help making their dream wedding a reality" to apply and it actually sounds too good to be true.