There are six kinds of sleep personalities - and here's how to find out yours 1 year ago

There are six kinds of sleep personalities - and here's how to find out yours

Do you think you're a morning person? Or are you more of a night owl?

What about if you feel like you fit in neither?


Well, we've got some good news: it turns out there are actually six different sleep personalities - and here's how you can find out which one you are.

A study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences found that people fit into more categories than night owls and early birds.

Sleep specialist Arcady Putilov gathered data from more than 1,300 people to find out when they felt the most awake.

He found that “there are people who are neither morning nor intermediate nor evening types," identifying four more categories: nappers, afternoons, woodcocks and swifts.


If you feel a bit groggy in the morning and the evening, but are wide-awake in the afternoon, that means you're an afternooner.



But someone who is the opposite - wide awake in the morning and evening, but hits an afternoon wall - would be a napper.

The two remaining sleep profiles - woodcock and swift - are characterised by feeling awake or feeling tired at opposite times, instead of going through the stages of feeling tired throughout the day and evening.


So, if you feel wide awake and alert all day, you're a swift. But if you're feeling tired and groggy all day, that would make you a woodcock.

Anyone else feeling they need a nap?