There's a Creme Egg event happening complete with Creme Egg menu 3 years ago

There's a Creme Egg event happening complete with Creme Egg menu

We’re taking every opportunity to get our hands on a white Creme Egg.

Yes, with the new white chocolate eggs in circulation, this is the perfect way to stock up on the chocolatey goodness.


However, if you haven’t been lucky enough to get your hands on one yet, this event might be right up your street.

Cadbury has just announced that it's opening a Creme Egg camp in London’s Old Street and it sounds amazing.

The eggy experience will include an Egg Hunt where you will compete to find one of the limited white chocolate eggs.

However, unfortunately if you do manage to find one they won’t be worth any money as they weren’t for sale – sorry folks, it's all about the personal victory here.

But on the bright side, the camp also has an incredible food menu complete with offerings including:

  • Gooey Creme Egg Cookies: gooey Creme Egg pieces baked into a chewy cookie
  • Creme Egg Toastie: Gorgeously gooey Creme Eggs sandwiched between warm toast
  • Creme Egg Fongoo: Melted Creme Eggs served with breadsticks and strawberries
  • Woodland Waffles: Crispy waffle with a garnish of Creme Egg and chocolate drizzle

However, if you want to be a part of the action, spaces are limited. Tickets cost €6.50 (£5.83) with all proceeds going to charity.

The event runs every Thursday to Sunday until February 18... meaning we'll be booking our flights asap.