There's a new micro-festival happening in Westmeath this summer 4 weeks ago

There's a new micro-festival happening in Westmeath this summer

Festival, this summer? Here's everything you need to know!

Tell all your mates, summer isn't completely cancelled - you could still have the chance to go to a festival. It just might cost you a little more than usual, but it's still a festival and there will be music.

The best part is this festival is right here in Ireland and it's pretty exclusive, so if you're up for a laugh and an experience like no other post lockdown this might just be worth it. If you haven't anything in the diary for August 28-30, then you might want to look into the new festival called HOME.

H&G Creations have announced this new micro-festival which will take place in Westmeath next month - and there will only be 110 guests in total.

H&G describes it as an experience "born out of the idea of bringing people together to reconnect after a long isolation."

"HOME will be a combination of the best in Irish art, music, food, workshops, wellness with an emphasis on supporting the Irish arts and culture sector that has taken such a heavy hit during the pandemic," they say.

The accommodation is all glamping style in an idyllic countryside setting and ranges from beautifully decorated huts to cottages and yurts for that exclusive festival feel. The entertainment ranges from banquets to installations to best in Irish musical acts.

Think VIP at any Irish festival and multiply it by ten and that's what HOME is - “We want to create the ultimate bougie festival experience for people that means from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave everything is considered; the venue, the accommodation, the festivities, the styling, the food.”

The weekend will take place in Mount Druid, Co Westmeath which has its own chapel, barn, lake, boathouse and accommodation on site. Mount Druid sits in the picturesque village of Castletown Geoghegan, the perfect setting for a micro-festival.

The ticket prices start from €249 and go up to €499 and include food and accommodation, and of course entertainment for your weekend.

You can buy tickets for HOME here.