There's a new trend involving watermelons and we love it 3 years ago

There's a new trend involving watermelons and we love it

Introducing the watermelon dress.

What's the first thing that springs to mind when you think about a watermelon? That it's tasty, juicy and perfect for summer days?

Well, be prepared to think of it in a new way after you see these wonderful creations.

A new Instagram trend has kicked off and we can see it becoming very popular this summer. It's called the watermelon dress and it's exactly as it sounds.

People are creating mini dresses out of slices of watermelon and holding them up against themselves so that it looks like they're wearing them.

I know what you're thinking - 'how did we not think of this before?'. Well, okay maybe you're not.

But feast your eyes on these and prepare to want to create your very own watermelon dress.

My attempt at a #sexy #watermelon #dress #feeling #fruity

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"ADAM! Make me a watermelon dress!!!" ??? this is a new thing, apparently ?#watermelon #watermelondress #fashion

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Я абрикос, на севере рос #shenzhen #shekou #summer #watermelondress

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Juhannus mekko ? #watermelondress #dressup #juhannus #midsummer #friends #finland #fashionistas

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#watermelondress ?

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And it's not just adults:

If Kristy said "jump" would you? Yes. Watermelon "dress" encouraged by KB ? #watermelondress

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