These are the songs that DJs REFUSE to play at weddings 5 years ago

These are the songs that DJs REFUSE to play at weddings

Heard any of these?

There's nothing quite like the awkwardness that comes from playing an inappropriate song at a wedding. If you've seen Old School or The Wedding Singer then you'll agree with that statement, but for the majority of people in attendance, it's practically impossible to feel gloomy at a wedding reception.


Drinks are flowing, people are happy, love is in the air...bla, bla, bla.

Despite the sense of romance that's spreading throughout the room, there could be one person who might not be in the best form, the DJ.

Why? Well, they usually have to contend with an endless list of requests and smile while doing so. Granted, that's part of the job but it must get frustrating at times, especially if someone is really persistent and annoying.

With this in mind, two dozen professional DJs that have performed nearly 200 weddings were asked to name the songs that couples most frequently ban from wedding receptions.


Here's the list in full from US polling website FiveThirtyEight

Right now, Cotton Eye Joe enthusiasts must be shaking their heads in a fit of rage.

Any chance of this being played/performed?


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