This company wants to PAY you to drink cocktails and travel around the US 3 years ago

This company wants to PAY you to drink cocktails and travel around the US

Well, if this doesn't sound like the best job we don't know what is.

Whether you're still in college or it's been a few years since you left your student days behind, it's safe to say that we all remember those times we had a 9 o'clock lecture and stayed out until 5am. For some people, college was one big party and they just couldn't get enough of it.


Whether it was a good idea or not (it was not) we all had fun and remember those days/nights fondly.

Well, this company wants to pay you to relive your college days and go around America to party. Literally.

We know, the literal dream.

EduBirdie is a proofreading service for students and want you to travel around US college campuses to promote the website.


Your primary responsibilities will include:

  • Travel to popular spring break spots to promote EduBirdie
  • Keep up social media presence
  • Carry out engagements that will create brand awareness, encourage trial, and build brand's social media base
  • Create beverage and food menus
  • Host outrageous college events
  • Plan games and contests for students to participate in
  • Extensive knowledge of party games that appeal towards college kids
  • Venue search and booking
  • Travel planning
  • Event management

If you think this sounds unreal, you have to be 21-year-old to apply, with a Bachelor’s Degree and open to extensive travel. It's also a bonus if you have 5,000 Instagram followers or more.

As part of the gig, you will have all travel expenses paid, a competitive salary and a company iPhone.


Still up for it? You can apply here.