This Could Be The World's Most Epic Treehouse 6 years ago

This Could Be The World's Most Epic Treehouse

A travel blogger may just have built the greatest treehouse of all time. 

Foster Huntington, the travel guru responsible for the book Home Is Where You Park It, decided he wanted a more permanent base so he just, ya know, created this absolute fairytale treehouse.


Cinder Cone 1

He explained on his blog A Restless Transplant"My friend Tucker Gorman and I started daydreaming about building a tree house.

"These daydreams quickly developed into loose plans to build a two tree houses and a skate bowl."

As ya do.


Cinder Cone 2

The house, built on the Columbia River Gorge, boasts two 200 sq ft dwellings connected by a 25ft bridge.

As if the breathtaking forest views weren't enough, the Cinder Cone Treehouse comes complete with wifi, a wood-fired hot tub and its own skate park.

Cinder Cone 3


The creative genius told Outsider magazine: "My goal is to make something that shows the process from dreaming up a seemingly outlandish idea to the final result after thousands of hours of hard work and the moments that happened in between."

Cinder Cone 4

Foster, who quit his job four years ago to travel the States in a camper van, has no plans to give up travelling... despite his new not-so-humble abode.

Cinder Cone 5


He told the publication: "I'll still be traveling, but I want it to be a place where my friends can come stay and work.

"I wanted a bitching clubhouse."

And that he has.