This Facebook Mobile Means Babies Can Share A Selfie And Status Update From The Cot 7 years ago

This Facebook Mobile Means Babies Can Share A Selfie And Status Update From The Cot

The latest social media sharing tool means even babies can get in on the selfie-action, with a new internet connected mobile meaning kids can push a button to share their image from the cot.

The new tech gadget means babies will be able to share their first images of themselves, sometimes without even knowing what they’re doing.


Sound intrusive and possibly dangerous? That’s apparently the whole idea.

Design graduate Laura Cornet built the concept cot device in response to the new trend of first-time parents who share images of their babies online.

Cornet said she was inspired by the trend of parents continually posting photos and status updates of their babies, choosing to share their intimate family life with strangers.

Cornet told design blog Dezeen:

"I thought it was weird to be involved in the life of someone, who doesn't even know that I have seen everything in his life already. And the baby couldn't make a choice to maybe not show me."

Although Cornet has received a lot of backlash online for her concept, the graduate argues that it justifies her concept arguing how much of a difference is there between a parent sharing a photo of a baby and the baby ‘sharing’ it?

Cornet argues that in both scenarios the baby is clueless.


Other parents however loved the concept of the art project, and according to reports at The Independent, Cornet has begun work on a mobile that sends the images and videos directly to parents’ smartphones rather than directly to a Facebook account.