This Instagram account will melt any dog-lover's heart 4 years ago

This Instagram account will melt any dog-lover's heart

This is the most magical dog Instagram account in the world.

Tula is a four-year-old rescue dog from Minneapolis and is owned by the Kixmoeller family, and she's a brilliant photographer.


The canine's owner Susie is a big fan of photography and she came up with a pretty cool idea as she watched Tula and her other doggie pals frolicking around in the park.

She got Tula to actually wear a GoPro on her collar to actually witness what dogs playing is like from the dog's point of view.

Susie's dad Ken told the Washington Post that Tula is an ideal photographer:

“One of the reasons that she takes photos well, we think, is that she doesn’t really love the rough-and-tumble play, she’s more … she likes puppy play. Even though she’s 4½ years old, she likes to play with puppies, and the way puppies do, she’s not very rough-and-tumble, so when the other dogs are rough-and-tumbling, she sits and watches them.”

The account has taken on a life of its own, and with a good reason. It's truly beautiful.