This photo of legs is wrecking everyone's head 5 years ago

This photo of legs is wrecking everyone's head

Once you see it you can't unsee it.

Every so often there is a new optical illusion that wrecks everyone's head.


I'm all for them but sometimes they can be a bit annoying because they're trying to be like 'the dress' all over again and no one needs that.

This latest one, though, is one of the best yet and will have you scratching your head until you finally see the image for what it really is.

So, look at the image below which was shared on Twitter by Bree. It looks like shiny legs right?


Well, keep looking at the photo and focus on the paint drawn on the legs.

Once you can focus on that you'll realise that the legs aren't shiny at all and it was just an illusion.

paint Once you see the paint you can't unsee it and the shine will be gone.