This Weekend, You... Should Have Breakfast In Bed 8 years ago

This Weekend, You... Should Have Breakfast In Bed

Life is all about the simple pleasures and tucking into brekkie in bed is definitely one of our favourite ones.

Obviously, the ideal situation is for a hunky man to get up and cook it for you but if not, then you have a few other options. The key here is not to let yourself feel guilty. Trust us, you've earned this!


1) DIY

An independent woman can pay her own bills and cook her own goddamn breakfast. And climbing back under the covers for a second time armed with yummy food and a box-set of your favourite show is the best thing ever. Here's some of our favourite recipes to help you on your way and if you feel like celebrating, pop a bottle of Prosecco in with your shopping so you can have a cheeky bellini as well. You know you're worth it!



2) Delivery

We recently discovered that Slice in Stoneybatter will deliver a breakfast roll and a homemade lemonade to your house for €10. It was one of the most joyful moments of our week so we decided to pass it on to you. They only deliver to certain areas, although there may be other restaurants close to you doing the same thing. If not, we will not judge you if you have pizza for breakfast (any excuse).


3) Go all out


Irish hotels have some great deals on at the moment so if you've been working hard and are feeling a bit flush, why not book yourself in somewhere for the night. You can have a bubble bath, watch a movie and have a fry-up delivered to your room - all for the price of a night out. We thoroughly recommend this one!