Looks like next week's weather forecast does not bring good news 4 years ago

Looks like next week's weather forecast does not bring good news

Cold and wet? Our favourite!

Full disclosure - and we know you guys and gals don't mind us getting a little personal every now and again - but today, Sunday 5 November, was the first day of the year that I put on my winter coat.


We had a good run, including an abnormally warm and sticky October (thanks, global warming!), but the time has come to face our new reality.

And that reality is: Winter is finally here, and we need to dress accordingly.

Looking at the weather app on my phone, as I entered the office in a jacket so big I could have been easily mistaken for a nightclub bouncer, attempting not to shiver the mobile right out of my hand, it told me that it was 11 degrees out.

Not a chance. Today is cold, you guys.


And, unfortunately, we don't have good news about the coming week. Winter has just begun.

According to the lovely folks over at Met Eireann, here is how the rest of the week is going to pan out.

And keep in mind, these temperatures are the "highs" during the day, so expect it to hover around 0 or 1 degrees pretty much every night this coming week...

Monday: Cloudy, windy, dry until the evening when heavy rain will arrive country wide. Temperatures around 10 degrees.


Tuesday: More heavy rain, mostly in the western counties. Temperatures around 8 degrees. That will be a glove and umbrella day, for sure.

Wednesday: Mostly dry during the morning but with increasing cloud. Rain to spread eastwards during the afternoon. Temperatures around 11 degrees.

Thursday: A bright and fresh day with some showers but a good deal of dry weather too. Temperatures around 10 degrees.

Friday: Cloudy, windy, rainy, but the temperature will soar - SOAR, we tells ya! - back up to around 13 degrees.


Saturday/Sunday: Mostly dry, but temperatures will plummet - PLUMMET, so help us! - back down to around 8 degrees.

So there you have it. Keep dry and warm, peeps!