These three emojis could ruin any chance you have of meeting someone online 3 years ago

These three emojis could ruin any chance you have of meeting someone online

Dating online can be tough.

And when I say "dating", I am using the term REAL loose. Really, what I mean is swiping through images, getting the odd weird message and the RARE potential spark. 2019, eh?


I personally think the problem with online dating is that nobody knows how to properly do it and the people who that think they've "mastered it" are often the ones who use it for the wrong reasons (I am talking shag and drift FYI).

So, how do you actually make a good first impression that could lead to a potential date and then maybe, just maybe something more? Well, a new study conducted by the dating app Plenty of Fish asked 2,000 singles what emojis are a big NO when it comes to sliding into those DMs.

According to their findings, the eggplant (obvs), the peach and the fire symbol came out on top as the emojis that will garner the least amount of replies if sent in a message.


Now, we all love a good eggplant now and again, but until you actually meet face to face, perhaps hold back on that one. Another emoji that is not mentioned by the survey but it's a pet peeve of mine is the monkey covering its eyes. To me that emoji is a creepy attempt at appearing "cutesy" and I am not. a. fan.

Say no to the eggplant.


In terms of high scoring emojis, it is all about keeping it simple and maybe, a little cheeky - with the wink and the simple ol' smiley face coming out on top as the best emojis to send. Preferably, I think less (none at all) is more when it comes to online chatting.

And the final fact from the survey, it found that over half of daters (58%) are more turned off by bad grammar than bad sex. Fascinating.