Top 10 Gaeilge Tattoos For 2016 5 years ago

Top 10 Gaeilge Tattoos For 2016

Tattoos are common.

I've done some extensive research and it has emerged that lots of people have tattoos. A common trend seems to be a quote or a meaningful word in another language.


There's a distinct lack of Gaeilge tattoos in the year of our Lord 2016, so I'd like to change that. Please explore and by all means, pilfer, my designs below.

For that special Mam in your life x


Show those Gaeilgeoirí that your knowledge of Irish is also sexy ;)


Back of handsome, fit young man in underwear isolated on white background
Never forget your heritage. Far from quinoa you were reared.



Studio shot of a redhead woman with a braided up-do posing against a gray background
You'll be the exact opposite of an amadán with this detailed tattoo :)


You may regret this in a few years, saying "Aw, f**k", however, that is the risk you run with tattoos.



Sexy body belly of young plus size woman studio shot on blue Love sausages? Prove it.


mean guys fists!
Wave goodbye to the haters with this intimidating knuckle tattoo!



Big fan of the Black Eyed Peas? Big fan of Gaeilge? Say no more.


Let this beautiful etching do all the talking ;)



Selfie of woman feet wearing flip flops on a beach, vintage process
Floor them at the disco with this nostalgic tat ;)