The top baby boy name for 2018 is here and we never would have guessed it 4 years ago

The top baby boy name for 2018 is here and we never would have guessed it

The top baby boy name for 2018 is here.

Now that 2018 is drawing to a close (we know there are two months to go but sorry where did October go!?) all the end of year lists are starting.


People are always mad to know what baby names have been popular throughout the year and the 2018 results include some surprising additions.

Whether you're expecting your own bundle of joy or just intrigued to see what names are trending, there are some interesting monikers in the mix.

The folks over at Nameberry have put together a list of the names that are currently top of the pile and we're a little surprised at the number one baby boy name.


None other than Atticus.

It definitely makes a statement and if you're looking for something different, it fits the bill.

However, it could be a difficult one to shorten and like many names, this is one some parents will adore but others...not so much.

In addition to Atticus, Milo, Jasper, Jack and Asher round up the top five boys names of the year so far.


The top five female baby names include some gorgeous choices too with Olivia, Amara, Cora, Isla and Charlotte all included.

However, there's still a bit of time to go before the list is finalised and it could change considerably before the end of the year.