Trouble sleeping? This podcast will sort you out 4 years ago

Trouble sleeping? This podcast will sort you out

Not being able to get to sleep is the worst.

You're lying in bed looking forward to a few hours kip and suddenly the feeling that you won't be able to get to sleep tonight washes over you.


Each hour that passes is only another less hour you're going to get to sleep.

It's all you can think about, and when you finally wake the next morning you're restless, wrecked, and ready to bodyslam the first person who asks how you are.

While lots of people say that listening to soothing music helps them drift off, it turns out that listening to soothing voices can be helpful too - or rather, listening to one soothing voice talk about one specific thing.

And it's boring as hell.

Sleep with me

Drew Ackerman's podcast, Sleep With Me, does just that and he's not afraid to admit it.

The 42-year-old uses long sentences, stream of consciousness, and his own boring, monotone voice to lure his listeners into a state where they're more likely to allow themselves to drift off.


According to Ackerman, Sleep With Me is "the podcast the sheep listen to when they get tired of counting themselves."

From topics such as Game of Thrones to desert island cereal, the podcast is sure to have something for everyone (or no one) that'll help them chill out and drift off.

However, Ackerman, who has suffered from insomnia himself, also says that you don't necessarily have to be trying to get to sleep to listen to the podcast.

In fact, he said that there's no "right or wrong way" to use the show, so if you're struggling to get to sleep, or just want a little something to take up an hour of empty listening space, Sleep With Me can probably help you out.

And seeing as the podcast is already up to its 587th episode, we're guessing that Sleep With Me is here to stay.