Instagram users freak out as bug appears to delete accounts 5 years ago

Instagram users freak out as bug appears to delete accounts

Don't get caught out...

Some users of social networking app Instagram have been left furious over the past couple of days as a bug appears to have disabled their accounts.


The reports of such incidences began on social media with people taking to Facebook and Twitter to demand an explanation from Instagram.

The Verge urged users to remain calm with the tech blog reporting that there's no pattern to the accounts affected by the bug.

They advised:

From what we can tell, there isn’t an apparent similarity between these accounts to make them targets. One user told The Verge that her Instagram was solely dedicated to her chocolate business, while another said she used it for personal posts. Another user, who owned at least 10 accounts, said some were related to businesses. One user says she had used a third-party app to post content a long time ago while another said she never had.


However, Instagram has assured users that the deactivation and apparent deletion of their accounts is not permanent, and blame it on a bug. They claim they're working to fix the problem.

"We are aware of a bug that is causing some users to be logged out of their accounts," Instagram said. "We're working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible."


But as of the time of writing this article, some users are still without access to their accounts.