#VanLife: What it's really like to travel the world in a camper van 3 years ago

#VanLife: What it's really like to travel the world in a camper van

Be right back, off to buy a van.

If you're like me and you're slightly (SLIGHTLY) too old for TikTok but you're fully invested in Shane Dawson's YouTube videos then #VanLife is the latest craze for you.


Van life is undoubtedly having a moment, it's a movement where people are trading in the traditional way of life and heading off in purpose-built vans to travel the world. Picture a life where you can wake up when you want, go where you want, eat what you want and not have to worry about rent! Idyllic right?

Whether it's the need for adventure, financial reasoning or simply wanderlust, thousands of people are quitting their jobs, renting their apartments and hitting the road. The good news for us 'van voyeurs' is that many of them are documenting their journey online and showcasing their travels via YouTube and Instagram.

Despite the obvious advantages of living a seemingly carefree existence, I couldn't help but wonder about the harsh realities of living in your vehicle; how much does it actually cost, what is it like to poop (not literally) on the road and how does living in such a confined space affect your relationship?

We caught up with Tania and Adam, a couple who are travelling across Europe in their van 'Jits' to find out more. Check out the full video below:



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