Variety is the Spice of Life 7 years ago

Variety is the Spice of Life

Smirnoff have been experts in the art of creating inventive cocktails for generations and they’ve hit the jackpot once again with their latest effort, the Apple Bite.

If you, like the Her editorial team, are constantly on the lookout for new drinks combinations to tickle your taste buds, then sometimes it’s best to refer to the experts.


Our new found enthusiasm for cocktails has even led to heated debates over what ingredients make up certain drinks and whether or not an umbrella is an essential garnish. But no matter how knowledgeable we become, we will always be happy to defer to the folks at Smirnoff when it comes to creating exciting and inventive drinks; they’ve been doing it for years after all.

Smirnoff is triple distilled and ten times filtered through Charcoal, making it a beautifully pure base for great drinks like their latest creation, the Smirnoff Apple Bite.

Inspired by forbidden fruit and set in a world where things aren’t always quite as they seem, the Apple Bite is a mix of Smirnoff, apple juice and lemonade with a hint of citrus for a simple but refreshing-tasting drink.

So how does one go about creating the Smirnoff Apple Bite? First you’ll need to fill a highball glass completely with cubed ice, add 35.5 ml Smirnoff and equal parts apple juice and lemonade. Next, squeeze in a lime wedge and drop in the drink for garnish. Bob’s your uncle, you’ve got yourself a tangy and refreshing-tasting drink in the time it takes you to quote Matt Damon from Good Will Hunting and say ‘How do you like them apples?’

Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun with it, far from it. Anyone can get creative and the easiest place to start is by trying simple twists, like substituting Smirnoff Red for Smirnoff Lime, giving you the Sour Apple Bite, or by heating it up and adding a touch of cinnamon to make the Hot Apple Bite. But we at Her like to try something a little different – have a look at some more inventive recipes on

But don’t stop there, it’s great to try new things and then share them with your friends; it might take a few attempts to arrive at the perfect formula but it’s important to have some variety, it’s the spice of life after all.

For more information on how to make these classic cocktails and to create some inventive and exciting combinations of your own, visit for fun Smirnoff recipes and ideas.

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Please enjoy Smirnoff responsibly.