Vegan condoms: for when your regular old rubber just won't cut it eco-wise 10 months ago

Vegan condoms: for when your regular old rubber just won't cut it eco-wise

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"When things get spicy in the bedroom, don’t forget to keep it safe, and keep it vegan!"

So reads the lead for the condom site page on Vegan dot com because, yes, your sexual escapades can also be environmentally friendly, don't you know?

If you aren't really one to consider your conscious, eco-friendly decisions while getting down to it in the bedroom, don't worry because we generally aren't either.

You get in, you protect yourself, you get out and hope that everybody had a nice enough time while they were at it. Saving the world generally isn't much of a concern but hey, for some people it is - and good for them, they're doing a whole lot better than the rest of us.

If being that bit more eco-friendly in the bedroom is of interest to you though, vegan condoms do actually exist. In fact, you may even be already using them without knowing it.

First things first - regular condoms aren't vegan? But why?! we hear you cry.

Well, a lot of condoms are made using an ingredient called casein - a protein most commonly found in cow's milk. Casein is included in condoms in order to make the latex feel more smooth, meaning that a lot of vegan condoms out there on the market are latex-free.

However, not all latex-free condoms are vegan.

Although not all that popular, lambskin condoms are made from (you guessed it) animal products. Or if you want to get really specific - the membrane of a lamb's intestine.

Lambskin condoms are one of the oldest kinds of condoms out there, and even though they only protect against pregnancy and not STIs, a good few people do still opt for lambskin over latex.

But enough about that.

One of the most popular vegan and proud condom brands out there is Glyde.

Certifiably vegan and fair trade, the company's condoms are made using a certain thistle extract that does exactly the same thing as casein.

This does, however, make the condom that bit more expensive to produce meaning that you might be forking out a bit more than your regular rubber.

Although not directly available to buy in Irish stores, Glyde condoms are available to purchase online here in boxes of 100.

Sir Richard's Condom Company have an entire line of vegan condoms too. These ones do include latex, but are free from glycerin, parabens, spermicide, petrochemicals, and of course, casein.

What's more is that for every condom sold on their website, they'll donate a condom to a developing country.

Durex also have their own range of vegan condoms, even though they are not marketed as such.

Their latex-free products such as Avanti Ultima, Fetherlite Ultra, and Deluxe don't include casein and are, therefore, vegan.

Something to maybe consider next time you getting down to it.

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