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Viral Video Shows Men How to Find the Clitoris...Sort of...
Introducing one of the most detailed viral videos ever...

Men – we love them, we really do. They’re attractive, hilarious and incredibly handy to have around if you need help with opening a jar.

However, sometimes they need a little bit of eh…direction. Especially in the bedroom.

And it’s not their fault – women are complicated things, but short of drawing them a detailed diagram of our ladybits, there’s not a lot we can do (aside from encouraging him with a bit of praise and giving him ‘the look’ when he isn’t doing it right).

Thankfully, someone has gone to the trouble of making an incredibly detailed video to help.

This video has gone viral on the internet and to be honest? We can’t help but laugh at it. Although, we’re not sure how we feel about our hoo-hah being described as the “shrine of the silver monkey” or the “spider’s lair.” Shudder.

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