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"Dance dads".

A dance centre in the US held a daddy-daughter ballet class to celebrate Valentine's Day and the video clips will bring tears of joy (and laughter) to your eyes.

The Philadelphia Dance Centre hosted the class so that daddies could arabesque and plié with their young ballerinas. And join in they did, with varying levels of enthusiasm...and success.

The centre have said they are overwhelmed by the reaction since they posted the cute videos, which have quickly amassed millions of views,

"Thank you to our dance dads and moms - the role you played in class yesterday pales in comparison to the support you provide your children day in and day out. It is your support and love behind the scenes that makes them amazing dancers and all of us here at PDC so proud to teach them.

We want to welcome all our new followers and friends to the family. Thank you for the messages, posts, comments and shares. We can't believe you love this video as much as we do. Thank you for recognising the beauty, love, and joy that dance can bring into the world.

It just proves that art, love, and family are the international language."

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