WATCH: Googling 'black teenagers' and 'white teenagers' bears a stark difference 6 years ago

WATCH: Googling 'black teenagers' and 'white teenagers' bears a stark difference

Racism is still a growing problem.

If it's not occurring on our own small islandthere are numerous stories of racist behaviour happening around the world every day.


Considering the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter and the countless infamous racist police shootings, it's not special news that white people continue to get extremely preferential treatment.

One video has seriously shocked us showing the judgemental way society treats people of a different colour.

Twitter user Qasim uploaded a thought-provoking video displaying the different ways teenagers are viewed in society.

In the clip, the man types 'three black teenagers' into Google images and the search mainly results in strained, tense police mugshots of adolescents.


The startling difference occurs when the man changes the colour of the Google search - from black to white - and the search results are cheesy adverts of perfect children, sitting and standing together freely and with ease.

For something as basic as Google to hold such a racist message, it's worrying to think what teens, both black and white will think of the other in the future.


Google have yet to comment on the footage.

Lead image via Twitter