This weird bedtime habit makes your sex life better 4 years ago

This weird bedtime habit makes your sex life better

Do you do this?

If you wear socks to bed then there's some good news in store - it apparently improves your sex life and your sleeping pattern.


A lot of people would reach for a pair of fluffy socks during the cold winter nights but you might want to get some on all year round after reading this.

According to Metro, you get better sleep by wearing socks because when your feet are warm the blood vessels dilate and it sends a message to your brain that you are ready to sleep. It's called vasodilation.

And just when you thought that was a good enough reason to wear socks to bed there's another benefit - it improves your sex life.

A study was conducted at the University of Groningen and found that couples who wore socks to bed had better sex than those who didn't. They measured their results on brain scans which proved that 80% of couples wearing socks climaxed while only 50% of couples without socks managed to climax.


Now, we're off to buy some new bed socks...