Weight Watchers slammed for implying fat women don't enjoy sex 5 years ago

Weight Watchers slammed for implying fat women don't enjoy sex

Viewers were not impressed.

Weight Watchers has long been a popular service among women who want to lose weight, and while some people swear by it, this latest campaign may not gain them any members.


Their newest campaign Weight Watchers Black featured a video which focused on the relationship between sex and being fat. The campaign focuses on the concept of being able to 'leave the lights on' during sex.

The video features three models who speak about the concerns they had in the bedroom while over-weight.

One woman says: ''We never had sex completely naked because I couldn't stand the thought of him seeing all of me.''


While another adds that while having sex ''you're really thinking about your stomach''.

The black and white video ends with a rather insensitive message which reads: ''Could you leave the lights on?''

Keeping in theme video, the campaign also featured press packs which were sent to female journalist all over Australia.

The press pack included a light bulb and press release which said:


‘Let’s be honest for a minute, sex is pretty damn fantastic,”

“But if you’ve ever felt self-conscious in the sack you’re not alone – we’ve heard that more than half of women have avoided sex because they were worried about how they look.’'

Needless to say the journalist who received the packages were not impressed.