What Hailo did for this new Mum has melted us 6 years ago

What Hailo did for this new Mum has melted us

 Irish illustrator Maria Boyle is more commonly known as Twisteddoodles.

Her punderful illustrations are witty, observational and, most importantly, honest.


So on Wednesday when Hailo sent her an automated email reminding her of their existence, she responded with an honest reply as to why she can’t use their service.

Explaining that she has twin 8-month-old girls, Maria replied that she hadn’t been out in Dublin at all since their arrival.

She writes:

“I hardly ever go out, I haven't gone to the airport or the train station, in fact it has actually been a year since I've left Dublin at all. I am not even from Dublin but I've been in this city for a year. A year in Dublin, not taking taxis. Wait we took a Hailo to the maternity hospital, so thanks for that.


So trust me Hailo, I'm aware that your app is on my phone, I also have a few hotel booking apps which aren't getting a look in either.”

Thinking nothing of her reply, Maria headed to bed.

The next day she was chuffed to discover Hailo had topped up her account so she could one day go out on the town again.

But that wasn’t all. As Maria reflected on how nice that was of them, she received another email.


This one was even more spectacular.

It read:

“Following on from my previous message - I've shown your email to our team and we've all agreed that we'd love to treat you to a night out, we really think you deserve it!

“Have you a favourite restaurant you haven't been to in a while? We'd like to get you a €100 voucher for it and provide taxis to and from on the evening.”


Maria then writes that she was so pleased with the service that she paid it forward, offering a fiver she found to a student and passing on some edible goods to her neighbour.

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