Getting paid to drink whiskey and travel the world? This is the dream job 10 months ago

Getting paid to drink whiskey and travel the world? This is the dream job

Most people don't get the opportunity to take on their dream job.

If you're a whiskey fan - nay, a whiskey aficionado - then that could be about to change. Grant's, the Scottish whiskey-makers, are looking for a Global Ambassador to spread the good word about their whiskey, and you could be just the person they're looking for.

First of all, you'll have to love whiskey - that's a given. You can't sell cars without knowing which end the exhaust's at, and you can't plug whiskey without being able to articulate why this particular brand is so damn good.

Second, you'll need to pass a three-part interview process. This won't be as simple as putting on a nice suit and explaining why you're a team player. If you progress through each of the elimination rounds, you'll have to:

a) create a unique drink using three ingredients (including Grant's whiskey) and share it on Instagram


b) head up to Scotland to complete a series of whiskey-related challenges

c) head out to a series of locations around the globe to create a video of you selling Grant's to the world's bartenders

It's quite a challenge, to say the least, but one that any whiskey lover that loves meeting people and experiencing different cultures would be chomping at the bit for.

The job itself, should you be lucky enough to make it to the top, will be to represent Grant's whiskey on the global stage, to be a fountain of knowledge on the product and to generally get Grant's whiskey out there and in people's minds.

Sound good to you? Apply here.