Why You Should Visit... Galway 7 years ago

Why You Should Visit... Galway

While we love a good trip across the seas, the reality is that we live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world so we decided to take a moment and appreciate some of the fantastic spots on this fair isle.

From Donegal to Dublin, we are taking an all-Ireland cyber roadtrip to find out what makes each county unique and highlight a few hidden gems that only the locals might know about.


This week is all about the City Of The Tribes - Galway!

From the stunning surrounds of Connemara to the lively entertainment of Galway City City, this is one county that has something for everyone.

If you're heading for a trip, we highly recommend a visit to Delphi Adventure Centre for some exciting adventures and pampering, a lengthy walk in Roundstone and a night in Clifden before heading into Galway City.

If you're there before Christmas, you have to visit the Galway Continental Christmas Market and have a pint outside Tigh Neachtain before enjoying a stroll along The Claddagh.


Time to spare? Head off to the Aran Islands for a little trip - bliss!

But don't listen to us... here's what the locals say!