Woman destroys boy who body shames her on Tinder and it's just beautiful, really 3 years ago

Woman destroys boy who body shames her on Tinder and it's just beautiful, really

Boys are the worst. 

Some men? Absolutely fine. No trouble with them at all. Go for it.


But boys? Nah, no time for it, mate.

Boys are particularly irritating and annoying when they show up in your DMs criticising your appearance, body shaming you, and basically trying to make you feel shit about yourself.

Pretty questionable behaviour some might say, and yet they continue to do it.

One boy who did exactly that was an unknown individual, first on Snapchat and then on Tinder.


He replied to Twitter user Talia's photo of herself in a bikini and wrote: "Bit of a belly on ya aren't you."

Despite the clear syntax issues in this statement, there is more wrong here as this lad clearly has never spoken to a woman in his life but yet he somehow has the balls to slide into the DMs of one.


Well for him.

The boy then went on to say that he "didn't really think you looked like that" to which Talia responded "hahahah I wasn't made to impress you, hahahha, wanker."

A queen.


This boy didn't stop there though.

At a later stage, when he matched with Talia on Tinder, he decided to bring up the incident again because that is absolutely what you should definitely do, you idiot.

According to Talia's Twitter, he said that he was glad she had shared the photo so he knew he wasn't being catfished - a statement which in his head was probably meant to be a compliment but that's how the mind of a dickhead works, isn't it?

Talia was having none of it though, and she responded with the drag to end all drags.

She wrote:


"Sorry I’m not a size 6. I wasn’t made to impress you or all people, you ain’t nothing special – looks don’t mean shit when you’re a nasty prick tryna put others down.

"Now you’ve gone out of your way after I blocked you on Snap to comment on my body yet again, you must have an exciting life.

"Now piss off and carry on taking shit selfies of ya self. P.S. wouldn’t (have) met you anyway, ya tosser."

Stunning display.