This woman's 100-year-old advice about men is all kinds of sass 4 years ago

This woman's 100-year-old advice about men is all kinds of sass

Who can relate?

We’ve all seen those stomach-churning advice columns from decades past where they tell women about all the things they must do to keep their husbands happy.


And while we’re all for spreading the joy, it shouldn’t be at the expense of your own, you know, dignity and self-respect.

And one woman who was having none of that shit was the grandmother of Ella Roberts.

Ella found one of her grandmother’s old journals from 1925 while cleaning and came across one entry, in particular, that had her inspired.


"My grandmother’s 1925 version of ‘men are trash’,” read the caption on the post which has since gone – you guessed it – totally and utterly viral.

Sharing a picture of the note on Twitter, Ella couldn't have guessed how huge a reaction people would have had to it.

“There is no faith in a man, not even in a brother," read the note.


“So girls if you must love, love one another.”

Nearly half a million likes later and people are still praising Ella’s grandmother’s sassy journal entry.


And while we might have slight disagreements with that first section, the latter we can totally get on board with.