Woman's Attempt to Help a "Homeless Man" Completely Backfired 6 years ago

Woman's Attempt to Help a "Homeless Man" Completely Backfired

This is possibly the most mortifying thing that we have ever heard.

A woman in Halifax in the UK was left red-faced after she bought a man eating sachets of ketchup a meal in McDonald's because he appeared to be homeless - but he was just an ordinary customer.


According to The Independent Claire Varin was in Halifax town centre buying an undoubtedly delicious McDonald's breakfast when she spotted a man looking unshaven with a big rucksack parked next to him.

Feeling sympathetic to this man's apparent plight, she bought an extra meal and put it in front of the man only for a member of staff to place the meal he had ALREADY ORDERED down in front of him.

She added: 'Maybe he had no money and was starving. I thought only desperation could lead someone to eat ketchup. I felt really sorry for him. It was a very cold morning and I thought how can I sit here with this meal and leave him sat there with just ketchup?'

Lead Image via McDonald's