Wombats are really, very big and the internet simply refuses to believe it 1 year ago

Wombats are really, very big and the internet simply refuses to believe it

Chonky boys.

There is nothing quite like the realisation that an animal is a different size to what you originally thought the animal was.


See for example: penguins, rhinos, and the humble lop-eared rabbit.

Generally, there is less fuss made when such a disparity is discovered.

You witness the animal being a size that you had not expected, you Google its height for clarification, and you get on with the rest of your day.

However, this week has brought us an animal thats difference is size is not only surprising, but seemingly downright impossible.

Because Wombats are fucking massive - and nobody saw it coming.


The realisation came amidst the tragic ongoing news surrounding the Australian bushfires.

A Twitter user named Richard took to the platform to say that apparently wombats had been vacating their fire resistant burrows to allow other animals to take shelter there.

"We’re seeing more leadership and empathy from these guys than the entire Federal government," he said, totally unaware that his tweet featuring an image of a rather large wombat being held by a human would lead to hundreds among us realising we had no idea how big a wombat is.

And spoilers: they're pretty big.



The best boys. Godspeed.

Obviously wombats - like most animals - can vary in size a lot.

It's fairly likely that the casual wombat is not as large as the wombat who sparked this conversation, however as animals go, they are still pretty big.


And empathetic. The best kind of animal.